Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OK Center for Contemporary Art

Where is the young art/scene in Austria now? Who are the most exciting representatives of the younger generation of artists? Are there new, interesting aesthetic approaches? Which traditions are being taken up again? Further developed? Evolving into something else? 

With the exhibition "Am Sprung" the OK Center for Contemporary Art in Linz Austria pursues these questions and presents 32 promising artists. None of them is older than 35, they come from all over Austria or live as citizens of other countries in Austria.

What they all have in common is that they have been proposed for this exhibition by renowned art experts familiar with the Austrian art scene. From over 45 recommendations Ok has selected the positions that correspond especially well with the experimental, installative and media-related orientation of the OK programming.

The OK thus kicks off the year 2009 when Linz is European Capitel of Culture by taking stock of the up-and-coming generation of artists in Austria.

artists: Maria ANWANDER, Anna ARTAKER, Ruben AUBRECHT, Catrin BOLT, COLLABOR.AT(Johanna Reiner, Johannes Hoffmann, Maria Calligaris, Tom Haberfellner), Eva EGERMANN & & Christina LINORTNER, Siegfried A.FRUHAUF, Nikolaus GANSTERER, Gregor GRAF, Björn KÄMMERER, Leopold KESSLER, Johanna KIRSCH, Constantin LUSER, MAHONY (Clemens LEUSCHER, Andreas DUSCHA, Stephan KOBATSCH, Jenny WOLKA), David RYCH, Pia SCHAUENBURG, Fabian SEIZ, Kamen STOYANOV, Misha STROIJ, Adrien TIRTIAUX, Lea TITZ, Johannes VOGL, WHITE CLUB (Johannes Kubin, Marianne Lang, Birgit Pleschberger, Gerald Schicker)

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