Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ellipse Foundation Contemporary Art Collection

Eija-Liisa AHTILA | Vasco ARAÚJO | John BALDESSARI | Stephan BALKENHOL | Matthew BARNEY | Ashley BICKERTON | Louise BOURGEOIS | Rineke DIJKSTRA | Carroll DUNHAM | Jimmie DURHAM | Gardar Eide EINARSSON | Robert GOBER | Nan GOLDIN | Felix GONZALEZ-TORRES | Douglas GORDON | Thomas HIRSCHHORN | José IRAOLA | Mike KELLEY | Barbara KRUGER | Zoe LEONARD | Sherrie LEVINE | Glenn LIGON | Sarah LUCAS | Ryan MCGUINLEY | Shirin NESHAT | João ONOFRE | Catherine OPIE | Tony OURSLER | Raymond PETTIBON | Jack PIERSON | Richard PRINCE | Thomas RUFF | Julião SARMENTO | Collier SCHORR | Thomas SCHÜTTE | Steven SHEARER | Cindy SHERMAN | Laurie SIMMONS | John STEZAKE | Hiroshi SUGIMOTO | Billy SULLIVAN | Kara WALKER | Sue WILLIAMS | Terry WINTERS | YONAMINE

The Ellipse FOUNDATION Contemporary Art Collection is pleased to announce its new exhibition, Listen Darling… The World is Yours, a selection of works from the Collection, including hitherto unseen works and new acquisitions, by guest curator Lisa Phillips, Director of the New Museum, New York.

Listen Darling… The World is Yours brings together the work of over forty artists who together demonstrate the sweeping changes in the psycho-sexual dynamics of culture over the past thirty years. The exhibition, which revolves around several major works by Louise Bourgeois, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, and Shirin Neshat, among others, looks at how women see women, women see men, men see women and men see men, often through direct confrontation with sexuality and sexual politics. Listen Darling…reveals the strong infiltration of the woman's voice in the art and culture of our time, as well as gay artists whose sexual identity is a deliberate part of their artistic statement.

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