Thursday, November 13, 2008

LETO Gallery

LETO Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of MARCIN LUKASIEWICZ "Medicine" exhibition on November 14, 2008.
This is his first solo show at Warsaw.

Life sentence...
The function of the artist is to provoke the recepient in his/ her contact with the artwork. Lukasiewicz communicates the knowledge he has already gained. From the very beginning in his art he's been thoroughly using the painting process. Yet he's done so in his own way. He is even able to make five large-format 'draft-paintings' daily only to register a new idea. He gets unpatient very fast if he has nothing to do. In consequence, his attitude has caused him to 'serve the sentence' he had accepted himself – painting.

The artist expresses himself in drawing, sculpture and photography. Yet he reaches the fullest expression in painting. His curiosity is focused on life in all its aspects, elite music projects and comic printouts. He uses a variety of formats and techniques: pencil, crayon, pen and ink drawing, watercolour and acrylic painting. His painting reveals a whole range of formal research, from 'classical', symmetrical compositions to transgression on light, perspective and composition principles or even their negation

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